Case Studies

Whitenets Project


Developed an Automated Test Report Generation. (Tool for Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

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Supreme Road Lines  Project

Supreme Road Lines

Developed a Transportation Management System.
( It Enables Loading Receipt generation, Company Billing, Order Tracking System, Driver Manager, Driver Memo Generation, Well Integrated Database Management System )

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Aaliekart Project


Developed an E-commerce Website ( Features- Admin Panel, Vendor System, Product Display and Checkout System, Order Tracking System, Sell Analytical Dashboard )

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Nearmediagnose Project

Nearmediagnose Center

Developed a System for Online Lab Testing Services. ( Online Appointment, Patient management, Test Tracking System )

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Mailstudio Project


Developed a System for Dynamic Template and Bulk-Mail-Push ( Features- Connection of Dynamic Data Queue, Template Editor, Dynamic Email with Placeholder, Dynamic Template with Placeholder, Optimized Engine For Bulk-Mail-Push )

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Intrasys Project


Developed an Institute Management System ( Features- Admin Panel, Student Panel, Faculty Panel, Admission Panel, Examination Panel, Fee Panel, Blog, Inquiry )

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Presto Project


Developed an Automated Restaurant Management System ( Features - Client Side, Kitchen site, Billing Site, Stock Management )

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Webnote Project


Developed a tool for Software Testing, especially for the web ( Features: Recording of Requirements, Updates, Bugs with Project Manager )

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Silicon Project

Silicon Hub

Developed a Hybrid Application which can be converted into multiple platforms ( IOS , Android , Web and Desktop Application )

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